There are many reasons that people choose to embark on counselling or psychotherapy. Sometimes this can be in response to a recent or long past trauma, a particular niggling issue that just won’t go away, or even the hopes that life could feel more fulfilling.

Traditionally the worlds of counselling and psychotherapy have been considered as somewhat separate with counselling tending to cover short term work aimed at tackling a specific issue or problem, while psychotherapy providing a more open-ended exploration of how we feel in the world.

Counselling can be the perfect solution if you have a specific issue, such as stress, panic or a problem at work, you would like to talk through with someone other than family members or friends.  It can help clarify what the sticking points you feel are and help identify new ways to go forward.

Because of its longer time frame Psychotherapy provides an opportunity to be more exploratory and fluid, allowing us to think about your sense of self, how your feel you relate to others, think about your past, present and future and consider how different area’s of your present life interact.  This is particularly useful for more amorphous, longer term or reoccurring issues.

In reality there is often much crossover between these approaches and central to both is the quality of the relationship you forge with whoever you choose to be your therapist. When looking for a counsellor or therapist do take some time to speak with a number of possible candidates to find a fit that works well for you.